Our Approach

With our spirit and desire for excellence, we as Teobi LLC strive to introduce Southern California residents to the artistry and quality of hand woven oriental carpets and a desire to establish itself as a brand name of both local and, ultimately, national stature. The mission of Teobi LLC is to provide high-end new and used hand woven Oriental carpets and rugs that are unique, creative and fulfill our customers tastes.

Our Story

As TEOBI RUGS we deal with  qualities like pure wool, wool on cotton and pure silk. Pure wool carpets are mostly made by nomads having very typical primitive and geometric tribal designs, where as wool on cotton rugs are made by more talented weavers who can work with more intricate designs.

Pure Quality

All of our carpets are 100% handmade and take months, even years, to complete. We deal only in genuine Turkish and Oriental carpets and rugs, with detail, workmanship, value, and beauty that hand-tufted (machine-made) imitations simply cannot match. To read a brief history of rug weaving in the Subcontinent and to learn more about 100% handmade rugs and carpets.

Contact Us Now

We visit homes to show our rugs on spot. So you will have the advantage to see the rugs with your furniture at your home. This is totally a free service.